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Who is Doctor Dooby?

A cannabanologist and his team of experts in the field of Full Spectrum Cannabis Solutions (FSCS).

Comprising of healthcare professionals who cover all aspects of orthodox, traditional and indigenous medical knowledge systems, which include bio-chemists, pharmacists, doctors, holistic healers and various medical field specialists, who promote both the scientific and the homeopathic ancient art of eastern medical science.

Why Doctor Dooby?

Doctor Dooby’s team of highly skilled professionals, are qualified to deliver a superior brand of high-quality Full Spectrum Cannabis Solutions, which have been proven safe, effective and is recognized & administered globally.

Our extensive research has shown to greatly assist with the treatment of some of the following well-known conditions, often fully repairing and restoring homeostasis to the individual.

  • Tuberculosis
  • Influenza & Pneumonia
  • Diabetes
  • Intestinal Infections
  • Cerebral Vascula Hypertensive Diseases
  • Heart Disease
  • Chronic Lower Respiratory
  • HIV & Other Viral Diseases

Explore Our Product Range

Countless hours fuelled by love, care, science and research have gone into creating our Dr Dooby Full Spectrum Cannabis Solutions with the sole aim of restoring your mind, reactivating your body's natural healing system and uplifting your spirit to positive well-being.

Canna Caps™

Full Spectrum Cannabis Solution
30 capsules (month supply)


Full Spectrum Cannabis Solution
30 capsules (month supply)

Canna Honey

FECO Canna Honey
50g vol

Infiniti Skin Sense™

Full Spectrum Cannabis Solution Moisturiser
200ml vol

Coco CBD Oil

Full Spectrum Cannabis Solution
30ml vol

Canna Balm
FSCS (Topical Use Only)

Full Spectrum Cannabis Solution
50g vol

FSCS Suppositories

Full Spectrum Cannabis Solution Suppositories
30 suppositories (month's supply)

Dr. Dooby Cancer Pack™

2x Canna Honey, 2x FECO/RSO, 30 Coco CBD Suppositories, 1x Canna Balm, 2x Coco CBD Oil


Rick Sampson Oil / Full Extract Cannabis Oil
Usually packaged in a 3ml syringe

Doctor Dooby Cannabis Solutions

With extensive trials and tests, we've achieved some remarkable results in reversing the damage of tissue through affliction or contraction.

Our treatments are tailored to meet the patient's requirements - this is not a one size fits all process as patients as screened and consulted prior to commencing treatment.

At Doctor Dooby, we treat the person holistically through mind, body and spirit.

Skin burn reversed within an hour.
Eczema fully cured within 7 days

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