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RSO - Full Extract Cannabis Oil
Full Extract Cannabis Oil/RSO - Rick Simpson Oil

Recommended Retail Price
R450 per ml

DESCRIPTION: FECO/RSO - Full Extract Cannabis Oil

Affectionately termed RSO, due to the fact that its originator, Rick Simpson was the pioneer in extracting THC from the cannabis plant, using this scientific method.

Successfully trialled and tested in both curing & symptomatic relief of:

  • Various Cancer Types
  • Tumor Reduction
  • Advanced Alzheimer’s
  • Advanced Parkinson’s
  • Advanced Dementia
  • Brain Plaque Destruction
  • Pain Management Alternative to Morphine
  • Stroke Recovery
  • Advanced TB
  • Advanced Epilepsy
  • Used for effective overall relief and tranquility in cases of terminal illness

Usually packaged in a 1ml syringe.

This product is NOT kid friendly and must only ever be administered to kids by a qualified health-care professional.


Adults generally start with a drop the size of a half a rice grain, building up to a full rice grain, condition dependent.

In the case of all cancers, one needs to build up to a minimum of one gram of THC per day, this could be achieved by various methods of inducing. 

Formulated by washing the cannabis plant with alcohol.
The principle fundamental must be such, that the chlorophyll is not washed out of the plant. The alcohol used must also very specifically be of a food grade nature, as in 94.6% ethanol. 

Isopropyl, consumable “liquor” and rubbing alcohol is not recommended
to manufacture RSO..

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