Zayed Karodia

Zayed Karodia is a practising canabanologist, recognised globally, and is of South African origin, with a professional career encompassing mechanical engineering along with various successful business ventures that have led him to the science of medicinal cannabis solutions. His journey through life has uniquely prepared him for what now has become his passionate calling in life. He like many of us woke up one day challenged with a serious medical condition that humbled this man to the core.

Determined, both to overcome his medical condition and introduce to modern medicine the science of Cannabis Solutions, armed only with a background in engineering, 12 years of accumulated research material about Medical Cannabis Solutions and his passion for anatomical biology, this weak and physically challenged man set out on the harrowing quest of curing ulcerative colitis with a Cannabis Solution.

It has since taken intensely hard work, many more hours of research, clinical discipline and absolute faith in God, (all the while living with fear that death is at the door), to eventually overcome the disease without a surgical or stereo typical pharmaceutical application.

This near death experience has provided him with an understanding of how Cannabis Solutions create the homeostasis required to ensure a healthy mind and body.

His own transformation in using this God given plant has transformed his whole focus in life into educating people on how to achieve optimal homeostasis within mind, body an soul.

He has since built a reputation with scientific researchers as well as professional relationships with medical professionals, ranging from neuro specialists, bio-chemists, pharmacists, all the way to various other traditional healing councils, to bring his Cannabis Solution techniques to the people of South Africa and the world at large.

His expertise in consultation is sought by healthcare professionals locally and globally. This consultation database includes patients and medical professionals in  Mozambique, Namibia, Botswana, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Australia and the United States. His ultimate goal is to do continued research in order to contribute to the cure of most of mankind’s deadliest lifestyle diseases.

Natasha Sass

Is a qualified pharmacist, serving pro-borno as senior phamarcist at Doctor Dooby’s laboratory.

“The main focus of my work is centered around and pertains to the influence Cannabis has on the human endo cannabinoid system. There is overwhelming evidence in documented research and from doctor & patient reports of the proven health and healing benefits of cannabis.

I assist Zayed Karodia in keepingDoctor Dooby’s Full Spectrum Cannabis Solutions, convincingly in a class all of its own”.